Thursday, December 31, 2009

Which is the devil and which the angel?

Every now and then, I find myself going too fast (OK, probably a little more than every now and then). When this happens, I usually try to slow down to get back to the speed limit. But I hate when I'm going several miles per hour over the speed limit, and I already have someone sitting on my tail. At that point, I have the little angel and little devil on each shoulder. I'm not sure which one is saying which thing, but one says that slowing down too much now is like false advertising; someone got behind you assuming you would be continuing at the current speed (even if it is too slow for them). The other is saying, screw the bastard; if he/she is already tailgating, he/she deserves to be slowed down even further. I usually compromise and slow down gradually, hoping the tailgater will turn off or find a good place to pass.

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