Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The roads were wet today so the tailgaters kept their distance. In fact, for about one-third of my drive, I was going slower than the speed limit because of the traffic in front of me. I never thought I would be hoping for bad weather. At least we didn't get the ice that the weather predicted.

Fortunately, I've been driving the speed limit for two months, and I just started this blog so I have a lot of things to catch up on...

Last week, my wife called me in the afternoon and told me not to go home my usual way. Right where I had my accident someone had taken out a utility poll and the road was blocked. You can't tell from the map, but the road curves right around here, and it goes down hill a bit as well. The speed limit is 30 m.p.h., but it seems like it should be more because the road is very wide. Very few people drive anywhere close to 30 on this road.

When I had my accident, the woman who lives near the spot of the accident (I think my car was on her lawn) said that there is an accident there about once a month. She has tried to get the county to do something (speed humps or grooves or ...), but they haven't. I always hated speed bumps on roads or any of the things that are made to slow traffic, but now I think it is a great idea for this spot because the road gives you a false sense of confidence and makes you think that someone was crazy to make the speed limit 30. It turns out that they knew what they were doing.

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