Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Highway vs. Back Roads

Today, I had to stop for gas so I took the highway to work. It's about the same amount of time if there is no traffic, but there is usually traffic in the morning on the highway. Today, the traffic was fairly light, and the highway was great.

When I told a friend I was writing this blog, she said that she always drives close to the speed limit on the highway, but usually goes faster on the back roads. It's not that I never get tailgated on the highway, but I am finding the highway much easier and less stressful. The main stress comes on the back roads where traffic has no safe way to get by. As long as I stick to one of the right lanes on the highway, the ride is smooth.

Another friend once told me that limousine drivers will often drive the speed limit in the left lane to make the ride as comfortable as possible for their passengers. They don't have to deal with traffic getting on and off the highway and can generally keep a constant speed. Aside from feeling like a jerk (remember, I'm not trying to annoy anyone--just trying to drive safely), I would feel constantly stressed sitting in the left lane going slower than most of the traffic.

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