Friday, December 18, 2009

Stupid Risks

I have no illusion that people driving faster than me aren't getting there faster. That is, I know that, on average, it takes me longer to get where I'm going. I can still hope sometimes. Today, I was driving, and an older Buick passed me by crossing the double yellow lines. The funny (or stupid) part about it was that he passed me just to get behind a line of three cars in front of me. For part of the way, we were all going less than the speed limit, and then the speed picked up so the group of three cars plus the Buick go ahead, just a bit. I could still see them most of the way until we got to a traffic light. At the traffic light, the Buick went around the other cars and through the red light. Had he not done that, his passing me wouldn't have gotten him where he was going any faster.

I sure hope he was going somewhere important...perhaps, he was late for his driving lesson...or traffic court.

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