Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Since I have been driving the speed limit, I have noticed that I have been tailgated quite a bit. I can't blame them as I have done my share of tailgating of slower drivers in the past. I try not to tailgate now (although if anyone is driving slower than I am, they are almost certainly below the speed limit). Today, one jerk in a BMW tailgated me half of my drive to work. This wasn't so bad as I have gotten used to it, but it spent most of the time with his middle finger pointed in my direction.

With most tailgaters, I keep myself calm by singing to myself some impromptu song about tailgating, such as Monty Python's song Sit on my Face with the word "face" changed to "butt."

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  1. My daughter told me the best tailgating story. Her friend was driving and obviously the fella behind them was in a hurry because he was right on her bumper and also blew his horn. As he accelerated and pulled alongside her car, they were a little worried about a dude with road rage. But when they turned to look, they saw it was a guy in a little car wearing a full-on clown suite, complete with a back seat full of balloons. As he repeating shook his fist, shouted profanities and flipped them the bird, they both fell out and laughed hysterically.