Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Be Nice - Drive a Mercedes

I try to pay attention to what types of cars are behind me. I'm trying to figure out if there is a pattern (although I'm not being very scientific about it). On my ride to work, there is a big stretch of road that is 30 m.p.h., which is where the I run into the worst tailgaters. Today, for most of that stretch, a very nice looking Mercedes was following me. I had a theory that luxury-car drivers were the worst offenders as I've noticed a lot of Lexuses (Lexi?) tailgating me. But this Mercedes was a perfect gentleman, keeping a safe following distance the whole way. Then, I turned off onto another 30 m.p.h. road, and another Mercedes (an SUV) was behind me and also keeping a safe distance. I was disappointed when the Mercedes SUV turned off, leaving a taxi cab right on my tail.

I don't think this would work as a marketing campaign for Mercedes (Be Nice - Drive a Mercedes), but you never know.

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