Friday, December 11, 2009

Tailgating Poetry?

Are you late for work
Or are you just a jerk
If you missed the bus to school,
You can still keep your cool
When you lean on the horn,
To what kind of mother were you born

OK. I'm not much of a poet. The first half of my ride to work was very pleasant. For most of the time, I was being followed by a Ford pickup truck. I thought pickup truck drivers would be a bit more aggressive than others...but not this one. He stayed a safe distance the entire time he was behind me (through a couple of miles of a 30 zone and a couple of miles of a 40 zone). Then, I shed a tear when he went a different direction, and the giant Toyota SUV sat on my tail and on his horn. OK, he only hit the horn a couple of times, and it was better than the middle finger from the other day, but the speed limit was 30, and I was going 31 or 32. I'll have to start visualizing the important places he had to be: perhaps he had a job interview, he was a volunteer firefighter on the way to a fire, he was carrying a donated heart to be transplanted...or maybe he was just a jerk. I'll never know, but I can hope for the best.

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