Monday, August 16, 2010

Change of Temperament

I have been driving the speed limit (more or less) for about ten months. It's been a struggle, but I feel like I am finally getting more comfortable sticking to the speed limit with people on my tail. I still get anxious when someone comes up right behind me, but I no longer have a desire to speed up. If I am in the right lane or the only lane, it is right, and it is my right, to drive the speed limit. The only time I feel I should go faster is when I am sitting in the left lane. I don't do this intentionally, but sometimes I am making a left turn or actually have to pass someone or enter a road from the left. But under normal driving conditions, I have no interest in speeding up and sitting on my tail, flashing your lights, honking your horn, or gesturing me will not convince me to go faster.