Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stupid Human Tricks

On my way to work this morning, a pick-up truck pulled up behind me on my longest 30 m.p.h. stretch. He was very close for a couple of blocks, and then, in a no-passing zone, he zipped by me. He must have gotten up to 60 (I suppose he had to in order to get by before the oncoming traffic came). Then, I had to laugh. As soon as he got by me, he had to slow down to stop behind a line of cars stopped at a red light, and I pulled up right behind him. When the light turned green, he turned right, and I went straight. I figure the chance of dying from passing in the no-passing zone must be about 5 percent, which is comparable to the number of seconds (about 5 seconds) he saved by passing me.

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