Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Classic Tailgater - Allergic to the Middle Lane

I usually don't have too much trouble on the highway because people can always go by (I don't spend time in the left lane). This morning, I was on a 3-lane highway in the right lane. A black Jeep pulled up behind me very close about at least a mile before my exit (and what turned out to be his). He had all the classic tailgating signs (aside from being very close): the hands thrown up in exasperation, the shaking head, the talking to himself, the drifting a little onto the shoulder as if he was going to pass on right. The funny thing is that there was very little traffic. He had plenty of time to pass on the left and get back over long before the exit. The exit lane was very small, and I thought he was going to pass me as I was trying to get off. Then, when we finally got off the highway, he zipped by. I didn't look, but I'm betting he gave me the finger as he went by.

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