Friday, June 25, 2010

Something Nice

Usually, I talk about all the idiots who follow too close and then flip me off for driving the speed limit, but today I'll mention someone nice. Last night on my way home, I was stuck in the right lane with my left turn coming up soon. There was actually a car in the left lane going slower than the speed limit (and a car in the right lane only going slightly faster) so the cars were lined up behind it. I was trying to find an opening to get over and slowing down to try to let the cars on the left get by, but nothing worked. Finally, I turned on my blinker without any hope, and big truck flashed his lights and let me in. It was a wonderful gesture and very much appreciated. It was a great reminder to be nice and drive calmly.


  1. I've been driving 55 (or less, or at least trying to) for about a month now to conserve fuel. How long have you been blogging about your experience?

  2. I have been blogging about this since December. I had a car accident from driving too fast and decided to slow down. I now drive the speed limit or a little faster (usually, one or two m.p.h. over) on highways and back roads. I began blogging as a kind of therapy--to deal with the annoying behavior of some people on the roads. Now, if someone makes rude gestures, I don't stress about it; in fact, I'm happy because I have something to write about. I hope you enjoy the blog.

  3. Great! I certainly will read your blog to find out about best practices. I haven't had more trouble with tailgaters than I usually would, except for some trucks. They really get on your bumper- as if they don't see you approaching from a mile away :-)

    I just realized I can comment from my wordpress account, which is cool. I really didn't want to join multiple blog sites!