Monday, June 14, 2010

Cautious Caravaning

Yesterday, my family went to Lancaster, PA (an hour and a half away) to our annual trip to the Demuth Garden Tour. My in-laws came as well. We were in two cars. For most of the drive up, I was in front with my brother-in-law driving behind me. When we arrived, my father-in-law said to me, "You are a cautious driver." I said I was simply driving the speed limit.

On the way back, we didn't stick together. My brother-in-law shot out ahead of me. We were meeting at a restaurant near our homes. About 10 minutes before we arrived, I told my wife to expect a call on her cell phone any second to let us know that the other car had arrived at the restaurant. The call came...right as we were pulling into the parking lot. For all my "cautious" driving, we still arrived at the restaurant about a minute apart.

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