Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hanging out on the Left

The other day I was driving in the left lane (40 m.p.h. road with two lanes in each direction) because I had about half a mile to make a left turn. When there is a lot of traffic on that road (as there was that day), it is difficult to get from the right lane to the left at the last minute. A big yellow Hummer had gotten stuck in the right lane behind some cars making a right turn (that is the point I went to the left and passed the Hummer along with a bunch of other cars). I guess the driver of the Hummer was already angry because when he finally got out of the right lane, he got behind me. At the first opportunity he zipped into the right lane and back to the left in front of me and started gesturing that I should get over to the right. Right away, I turned on my blinker because my left turn was approaching. I hope he saw it and felt like an idiot...but I doubt it.

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