Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stupid Gray Honda

This morning it was raining. Many people were driving more cautiously than usual but not the gray Honda behind me. She must have been on my tail for about 8-10 miles (my whole commute is 12 miles). After following me for that distance, we are coming to the end of the last big street, one lane each way, 30 m.p.h. speed limit, double yellow line, wet road. At that moment she decides to pass me just in time to get behind 10 cars waiting at the stop sign at the end of the street. Once we turn left on that street, the road becomes two lanes in about a quarter of a mile. That is, if she had waited 1/4 mile, she would have been able to pass me safely and easily. Not that it really mattered. She got a little bit ahead of me only to be stopped by a train just past the intersection where I turned off.

I have to stop myself from secretly hoping that idiots like this get into an accident from their dangerous driving, but I am happy to revel in their getting stuck at a train crossing and gaining nothing from their stupidity.

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