Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flashed by Pedestrians

I haven't blogged much lately because it has been the same ol' same ol' of some tailgaters and some following safely. Today, something new happened. I was driving down a 30 m.p.h. road and two pedestrians were on the sidewalk with there hands in their pockets (it was about 50 degrees F this morning) and they were waving one of their hands while in the pocket at the passing drivers. It wasn't completely clear what they were doing, but I was guessing that they were warning of a speed trap (not that I had anything to worry about). Sure enough, a few hundred feet down the road was a police car. I've never been warned by a pedestrian; usually, it's done by cars flashing their lights.

Speaking of cars flashing their lights, I was reading something online the other day about whether or not it was ethical to warn people of speed traps (apparently, it is legal, but is it ethical). I was surprised by the large number of comments that suggested that it was not ethical. I would think that most drivers (a) do it when they get the chance, and (b) have no problem with the practice.

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