Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Next Car Will Be a Mercedes

OK. That's not true. It's a big step up in price and step down in mileage from my current car (a Toyota Yaris), but I have two more data points (in my totally meaningless and unscientific report on driving behavior). This morning I was following two Mercedes at different points in my drive. That's right, I was actually behind other cars. This almost never happens unless there is congested traffic. But today, I got behind a Mercedes on my 40 m.p.h. stretch and actually had to slow down a couple of times so I wasn't tailgating. It was great! Then the Mercedes didn't make the same turn I did, but I got behind, amazingly enough, another Mercedes on my biggest 30 m.p.h. stretch. This Mercedes didn't make me slow down, but it didn't get far ahead of me. I was in heaven (even with the Saturn SUV--I used to drive a Saturn--on my tail).

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