Friday, January 29, 2010

I Am not an A**hole

...and I would like to keep it that way. There are two kinds of a**holes: those who do things, and those who are overly fanatical in opposing those who do things. There is no one more annoying than the person who bothers you for not believing what he didn't believe 5 minutes ago. To be more intellectual, I'll paraphrase Neil Postman who says that any belief that is too closely held, one that excludes tolerance for others, may result in "psychopathic fanaticism."

This is part of the reason I write this blog. I can blow off a little steam and also temper my thoughts so I don't become psychopathically fanatical. I keep reminding myself:
  • I used to drive like they did.
  • They have important places to go, and I'm slowing them down.
  • Some of those places are very, very important, and if I were in their shoes (late for a job interview, trying to be on time for my kid's birthday party, rushing to the hospital to see a dying relative, etc.), I would be just as annoyed at the slow-poke in front of me.
  • It's easy to be distracted and not realize how close you are getting to the car in front of you.
  • Driving 25 m.p.h. in a 25 zone feels totally unnatural and takes a lot of practice.
  • Driving 25 m.p.h. (or even 30) feels really really slow even when it is the speed limit.
If I had more time, I'm sure I could keep expanding this list, and I might in future posts. Just to summarize, I have to constantly remind myself: Don't be an a**hole. If you see that on a bumper sticker, remember, it's directed as much at me as it is at you (for the record, I don't have that on a bumper sticker...yet).

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